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  Sticky cake

Sticky cake

Sticky cakeMaterial:

* 15 grains of yolk
* 125 gr sugar sand
* 300 gr bhoter Rhum
* 60 gr rice flour
* 2 tablespoons condensed milk
* 60 g grated cheese

How to make:

  1. Mixed egg yolks and beaten until foamy. Rhum bhoter enter all that was beaten, too, was stirring until well blended material.
  2. flour and milk are mixed and then shaken and enter the batter earlier.
  3. Provide a round pan and cover with a paper roll. on paper coated with butter.
  4. Cook almost as a way to make chocolate layer cake. but each of the three layers of cheese given up on the top layer, then bake until cooked.



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