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Traditional indonesian food recipes

  Beef meatball

Beef meatball

Beef meatballmaterials:

- 300 g of fresh beef,
- 2 cloves garlic,
- 1 egg's white
- a teaspoon salt minced,
- a tsp pepper powder,
- 1-2 tablespoons cornstarch,

How to make:

  1. chopped or minced meat until smooth, mix together salt, stirring
  2. knead until dough is soft and can be in the form (about 30 minutes). then add the garlic and pepper
  3. after the dough flat, put the flour and egg whites, stirring until thoroughly
  4. shape the dough into circles using 2 spoons. cooked in boiling water until the meatballs float, lift, drain



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