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Traditional indonesian food recipes

  fried green beans

Fried green beans

fried green beansMaterial:

- Beans 400 gr
- 2 cups thick coconut milk (from 1 / 2 coconut)
- 8 cloves Onion
- 4 cloves garlic
- Chili 2 large red fruit
- Salt and sugar to taste Java
- 2 teaspoons Terasi
- 2 tablespoons tamarind water
- Galangal 2 sides
- 2 sheets of leaf greetings
- Cooking oil to taste
- Equipment to taste

How to Make:

1. Beans cleaned and cut into thin slices menyerong.
2. seua crushed spices except the bay leaves and galangal.
3. stir-fry seasoning with beans until soft.
4. enter the milk stirring until boiling.
5. wait acids enter the water until done and serve.



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